Vote Sajid Khan for Santa Clara County District Attorney

Vote for Sajid Khan by June 7, 2022! Vote for safety and justice for our communities. Sajid will:

  • Increase public safety and reduce gun violence
  • Protect immigrant communities
  • Invest in healthcare and mental health services
  • Address economic and housing inequality

What does a District Attorney Do?

Seek Justice

District attorneys are elected officials who represent the government in criminal proceedings against any person accused of a crime. DAs are supposed to represent the interests of the community. Their job is to seek justice. 

Prevent Crime

District attorneys can prevent crime by seeking justice for the most vulnerable people in our communities. They decide if someone accused of committing a crime will go to prison or get help to rebuild their lives and end a cycle of crime. This affects all of us, particularly youth, immigrants, people of color, and people suffering with mental illness and substance abuse. 

Be A Leader

District attorneys serve the interests of their communities in courtrooms, through supporting or opposing statewide policies, and by deciding how to spend public money. They make difficult decisions every day that impact millions of people in their counties. They are leaders in the diverse communities they represent. 

“It’s critical that we zoom out on crime and harm [and] take a proactive approach in order to prevent harm in Santa Clara County and beyond. As a public defender, I’ve been in our juvenile hall, I’ve been in our jail, and I’ve represented countless people who have been accused of and convicted of harm.

“I’ve understood that harm and crime don’t come in a vacuum. They’re not a function of bad people. They’re often a function of circumstance and context, things that could be remedied and in turn, help us avoid harm from happening in the first place.”

-Sajid Khan

Vote by June 7! Need more information on voting? Visit the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters page.

About Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan grew up in the South Bay and has served as a public defender in San Jose for 13 years. He is an award winning advocate and attorney who attended UC Berkeley and Hastings School of Law. As District Attorney, Sajid will fight for the safety and dignity of everyone who lives in Santa Clara County. 

Sajid is endorsed by assemblymembers Alex Lee and Ash Kalra, among others.

Vote for safety and justice for all! Learn more on Sajid’s website.

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