Vote Yes

Measure X – Add County Sales Tax for Emergency, Early Childhood, & Safety-Net Services

Contra Costa County

This is a 0.5 cent sales tax with money going to the county general fund, with no state takebacks. Though it is a regressive tax, we support it because the county urgently needs the money to keep our regional hospital open and keep emergency, early childhood and other safety-net services running.

It is possible to fully and reliably fund our hospitals, our emergency and safety-net services and the world where all our communities can
thrive. However, instead these resources are lining the pockets of millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations. That’s why we support fair, equitable taxes — for budgets that ensure our children will inherit quality public education and public goods, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Ultimately, we are much more enthusiastic about California’s Proposition 15, which will reclaim $12 billion per year for schools and local community services from the wealthiest corporations.

Won with 58.4% Yes 41.6% No