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Measure U – Raise Gross Receipts Tax for the Biggest Businesses


This measure, backed by the Richmond Progressive Alliance, will raise a gross receipts tax on city businesses (a tax on their total income) to fund 911 emergency response, pothole/street repair, homeless/youth services and other city services. The tax will be 0.06% to 5% of gross receipts with the highest rates being for cannabis, firearms and the largest corporations. The measure exempts small businesses earning under $250,000 in gross receipts and would provide about $9.5 million annually for city services.

Won with 72.5% Yes 27.5% No

A Leaderful Vision for Equity and Justice

April 20, 2021
Here at Bay Rising Action, we know that our communities are powerful and leaderful. When we elect accountable leaders who truly represent us at every…

Measure Q – Change City Clerk from Elected to Appointed

City of Pittsburg
This measure would make the city clerk appointed, not elected. It stinks of an anti-democracy move.

Measure W – Tie Alamo Parks & Recreation Funding Ceiling to Population & Cost of Living

Contra Costa County
Raises the amount of money that can go to parks by a cost of living and population adjustment. This is a straightforward measure to support.

Proposition 21 – Allow Local Communities to Expand Rent Control

Current law stops local governments from using more progressive rent control measures — this allows cities to implement rent control for residential p…

Measure X – Add County Sales Tax for Emergency, Early Childhood, & Safety-Net Services

Contra Costa County
This is a 0.5 cent sales tax with money going to the county general fund, with no state takebacks. Though it is a regressive tax, we support it becaus…