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Proposition 15 – Put Schools & Communities First


No matter what we look like or where we come from most of us pitch in for each other and hope to leave things better off for those to come.

But today a handful of corporations undermine all of us. Corporations like Chevron, Google and Disney rake in record profits, while they refuse to contribute to the schools where our young people learn, the roads we drive on, the buses we take to work. Then they divide us against each other by blaming Black and brown people for our problems, hoping we won’t notice so they can continue to reap the benefits of our contributions while refusing to put in their share.

Because the wealthiest corporations in California refuse to contribute to the schools where our young people learn, they have dragged California schools down to the bottom 10 in the country when it comes to per-pupil spending. When we vote in Schools and Communities First, we will restore $12 billion annually in shared resources for our schools and colleges so we can have smaller classroom sizes, better teacher pay and more shared resources for our schools.

That’s why we’re supporting the Schools and Communities First initiative (Prop 15). When we vote it in, we will restore the resources we need for our communities by ensuring that everyone pitches in for each other in California, including the wealthiest corporations.

This is the first measure that would bring in shared resources of this scale to ever qualify for the ballot.

When everyone pitches in, we make California a place we’re proud to call home with the world-class schools and universities, healthcare, homes and shared resources our families need. When we join together across neighborhoods to unrig the rules, we’ll restore the resources to truly educate all of our kids and truly support all of our families.

Note: The opposition wants you to think that this will hurt small businesses and homeowners, but the truth is that this affects only the largest, wealthiest corporations like Chevron and ensures they pay their fair share.

Lost with 51.93% No 48.07% Yes