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Measure J – Borrow Funds to Repair Community Colleges

San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

Community colleges are one of the most cost-effective drivers of economic prosperity for all of us, from working-class to wealthy and whether white, Black, brown, or Asian. In the midst of the pandemic and recession, we need them more than ever. This $858M bond would upgrade facilities and classrooms, complete safety repairs and retain and hire faculty. Together, Measures I and J would help support students to achieve their goals, make the colleges more affordable and create good jobs for faculty in San Jose.

Won with 53% Yes 47% No

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Measure RR – Make CalTrain Cleaner, More Affordable, & More Frequent

Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CalTrain)
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Measure T – Extend Parcel Tax to Preserve Open Spaces

Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
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Measure S – Renew Clean Water & Flood Protection Program

Santa Clara Valley Water District
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