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Measure I – Add New Parcel Tax to Improve Community College Quality & Affordability

San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

Community colleges are one of the most cost-effective drivers of economic prosperity for all of us, from working-class to wealthy and whether white, Black, brown, or Asian. In the midst of the pandemic and recession, we need them more than ever. This measure issues an $18 parcel tax. Together, Measures I and J would help support students to achieve their goals, make the colleges more affordable and create good jobs for faculty in San Jose.

How to Vote for Climate Justice and Address the Climate Crisis

October 03, 2020
For all of us living in the Bay Area, the smoke, fires, power shutoffs, and eerie orange skies have made action combating climate change even more urg…

Voting for Black & Brown Lives: Critical Races Across the Bay to Defund Policing & Reinforce Community Solutions

October 02, 2020
All across California and the nation, this year has seen powerful uprisings calling for the defense of Black lives and the defunding of police. In com…

Joe Biden

US President
To stop the coronavirus pandemic and save millions of lives, we must defeat Trump and elect Joe Biden as our next President. For the future of our peo…

Dave Cortese

California State Senate District 15
Dave Cortese has been a champion for working people in the South Bay for many years, and in this choice between progressives, Cortese’s record,…

Measure RR – Make CalTrain Cleaner, More Affordable, & More Frequent

Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CalTrain)
CalTrain runs along one of the worst and most polluting traffic corridors in the country. This 1/8¢ sales tax would make the trains more affordable an…