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Measure RR – Make CalTrain Cleaner, More Affordable, & More Frequent

Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CalTrain)

CalTrain runs along one of the worst and most polluting traffic corridors in the country. This 1/8¢ sales tax would make the trains more affordable and frequent as well as quieter and cleaner. It would also keep lots of good public sector jobs in the hands of local community members.

It is possible to fully and reliably fund the world where all our communities can thrive, instead of using unfortunately regressive sales taxes like this one. However, instead these resources are lining the pockets of millionaires, billionaires,and big corporations. That’s why we support fair, equitable taxes — for budgets that ensure our children will inherit quality public education and public goods, no matter what they look like or where they come from.

Won with 69% Yes 31% No