Vote Yes

Valarie Bachelor & Joel Vasquez

Oakland Unified School District Board of Education District 6

For the School Board races, we provided a DUAL endorsement for each district, NOT a ranked endorsement of any candidates. We encourage voters to choose from our endorsed candidates to rank as their #1 and #2, leaving #3 blank as to not give any support to charter-backed school board candidates who want to privatize Oakland’s public education.

Bachelor is a teacher union organizer, and the Lead Organizer at the California Federation of Teachers where she has fought for teachers, workers, and paraprofessionals in the school district since 2016. She holds a good understanding of the OUSD budget process and plans to chop from the top and redistribute money back to the teachers and school staff directly serving District 6. She plans to work with people and bring them along in the budget process, making sure there is more insight and transparency. We invite Bachelor to co-conspire with her progressive school board colleagues to become a strong advocate for police-free schools and investment in violence prevention programs with a focus on restorative justice.

Velasquez is a long-time organizer and community advocate for students and parents of OUSD. He is the co-founder of the non-profit organization Oakland Public Education Network (OPEN), alongside OUSD board member Mike Hutchinson. As a national advocate for public education, he knows that what’s happening in Oakland is not unique to this Town. He believes public education needs to meet students where they are instead of expecting the same cookie-cutter approach to work for all students. As a parent of three OUSD students, he believes it’s a pivotal moment in Oakland right now where we can take control of the school board away from privatizers and get it back into the hands of parents and those who are invested in our public schools.