Vote Yes

Pamela Price

Alameda County District Attorney

District Attorneys hold one of the most critical and powerful roles in our legal system as they hold the power on who to sentence and how harsh that sentence should be. Pamela Price knows that our current legal system is dysfunctional and that it disproportionately targets Black and Brown communities. The other candidate for DA in Alameda County is a “law and order” candidate, while Pamela Price is committed to pushing away from the establishment and our addiction to incarceration. She has pushed every candidate’s platform to the left throughout the race, which has led to more conversations about diversion programs and ending the practice of charging youth as adults. Alameda County deserves a DA who understands that safety does not come from locking people away, but from investing in the community, which is why we urge you to vote for Pamela Price for Alameda County District Attorney.