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Oakland Mayor – #1 Sheng Thao, #2 Allyssa Victory, #3 Greg Hodge


To give these progressive candidates running for Oakland mayor the best chance of success, we ask voters to choose Sheng Thao for #1, Allyssa Victory for #2, and Greg Hodge for #3 – and highly recommend leaving the 4th and 5th option on the ballot BLANK.

Sheng Thao:

Oaklanders elected Sheng Thao to represent City Council District 4 in November 2018, and Thao has served Oakland for four years now. As a current city councilmember, she holds strong working relationships with fellow progressive councilmembers – an important requirement to avoid contention or stalling on policy implementation as mayor. Thao has committed to lift up and contract with Black-, Indigenous-, and people of color-owned businesses in Oakland, which are some of the businesses most impacted by the pandemic. As a renter, survivor of domestic violence, parent, and a refugee, one of Thao’s biggest commitments is to create a regional strategy to build more affordable and moderate-income housing, and to increase vouchers. Her accomplishments these past four years include: working with and uniting labor and business to secure millions in funding for housing and homelessness services; helping to save Oakland’s Head Start program and protecting other free early childhood education and family services for low-income Oaklanders; supporting our most undervalued city workers and services by expanding Oakland’s paid sick leave policy; leading on wildfire prevention and emergency preparedness; and voting to increase funding for parks and recreation. Thao has had challenges with being accountable to a strong base of community organizations and we hope she will work directly with progressive community organizations to develop a clear plan to address root causes of violence; find additional funding for programs like MACRO, community crisis response alternatives, and violence disruptors; and run a city administration that is responsive to the needs of all Oaklanders. That said, a lot of outside money is trying to buy this race to ensure those with a platform similar to the current administration continue to reign our Town, and Thao offers the best path forward.

Allyssa Victory:

Allysa Victory’s goal is to lead Oakland with fiscal responsibility and people-centered economics to deliver quality public services and achieve a community that is housed, healthy and safe for all. Her own experience with overcoming homelessness and being a renter currently is what drives her progressive platform. Her platform stands out for incorporating the Black New Deal and the Green New Deal, centering equity and stopping racial disparity. If elected, Victory would require environmental and equity analysis plus a community benefits agreement for any and all large developments on public property or built with public funds. She currently serves as a Criminal Justice Staff Attorney at the ACLU of Northern California where she advocates for policy, takes part in civilian oversight of law enforcement and government transparency, and organizes prosecutor accountability roundtables with community-based coalitions. Born and raised in Oakland, Victory is the first in her family to graduate from college, and she holds a J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law with a concentration in Government Law. Although Victory does not have direct experience in an elected role, she does have deep relationships with community organizations. As she builds her political power, we look forward to co-governing with Victory and holding her accountable to the policy platform she has laid out.

Greg Hodge:

Greg Hodge is a seasoned nonprofit and government sector professional with decades of experience working with social justice activists, advocates, elected officials, agency directors, educators, and families. He is well known in Oakland and has a strong reputation for his commitment to public service and local cultural arts. His previous experience includes serving as an elected member of OUSD’s school board and running the city council’s annual work-planning retreat, which provide him with insight into the inner workings of Oakland. Hodge walks into the mayoral race with strong critiques of the current administration. He has plans to strengthen The Town by building bridges with those on City Council, community organizations, and labor. Unlike the candidates determined to carry on the current administration’s legacy, Hodge is an advocate for alternative methods of achieving public safety, including considering models that move us away from our police department to a public safety department. Our concern with Hodge is that while he tries to hear all sides of an issue, we need him to avoid moderate policy reforms and instead bring more moderate voices in Oakland into a coalition with the progressive movement and make bold changes to the status quo. However, Hodge is equipped to be our next mayor, bringing years of relevant experience and endorsements from various leaders, activists, artists, and elected officials that prove his dedication and investments in his community.