Vote Yes

Nikki Fortunato Bas

Oakland City Council District 2

Oakland City Council sets goals and priorities for the City. The council approves the City budget, adopts ordinances to help the City serve its community members, and appoints members to various boards and commissions. We recommend that in the city council races, voters should only vote for the following progressive candidate in their district without ranking any other candidates. Ranking other candidates might result in electing a candidate who will interfere with and hinder the progressive work of the council.

Bay Rising Action is enthusiastic to announce our endorsement for the re-election of Nikki Fortunato Bas for the Oakland City Council in District 2. Nikki brings the expertise and experience to tackle the tough challenges that face Oakland. Nikki’s vision of bold, progressive leadership that creates an Oakland for everyone is aligned with Oakland Rising Action’s values. For over two decades, Nikki has been an advocate for working people, leading the passage of policies in Oakland to create the building blocks for regional, state, and national change. We believe that in this time of unprecedented housing and homelessness crisis, we deserve leaders who will courageously stand by their values and by the people of Oakland in addressing the most critical issues in Oakland. We deserve leaders who will provide efficient responses to both constituent concerns and the larger systemic problems like homelessness and affordable housing – and Nikki brings a proven track record of doing so.