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Janani Ramachandran

Oakland City Council District 4

Oakland City Council sets goals and priorities for the City. The council approves the City budget, adopts ordinances to help the City serve its community members, and appoints members to various boards and commissions. We recommend that in the city council races, voters should only vote for the following progressive candidate in their district without ranking any other candidates. Ranking other candidates might result in electing a candidate who will interfere with and hinder the progressive work of the council.

Since running for the California Assembly District 18 seat in 2021, Janani Ramachandran remains committed to advocating for concrete policy solutions to issues impacting Oaklanders, such as:

  • Ending unjust evictions and foreclosures
  • Funding affordable housing
  • Addressing unapproved police overtime funds
  • Reducing prison populations
  • Funding community-based mental health response programs
  • Supporting livable wages and unions
  • Funding small business grants
  • Upholding the Green New Deal
  • Expanding access to public transportation
  • Requiring environmental impacts reports for projects
  • Holding corporations accountable.

Ramachandran has never stopped canvassing and building relationships with District 4 (D4) constituents, proving her commitment to uniting neighbors around a progressive agenda. D4 was redrawn via the redistricting process and now encompasses wealthier and whiter hills neighborhoods which are less likely to face gentrification and displacement. The role of the D4 councilmember is to invite those who are less systems-impacted and residing in the hills to join our progressive movement to build an Oakland for all. Whoever gets elected to City Council D4 must have a clear plan and stand firmly with their progressive values, not leaving behind the working-class residents, immigrants, and communities of color in our Town. Ramachandran has begun to build stronger relationships with community and social justice organizations, labor, and other progressive leaders and efforts in Oakland, and we hope she will continue to deepen her policymaking with the progressive movement.

Won with 68.47%

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