Vote Yes

Measure Y – Borrow Funds to Repair & Upgrade School Buildings

Oakland Unified School District

Public education is on the ballot — with cratering public budgets and costs associated with distance learning and preparation for safe in-person instruction, school funding has never been more essential. Passing this measure will invest in students and the whole community. This measure issues $735 million dollars in bonds for classroom repair, electrical systems, plumbing and sewers.

It is possible to fully and reliably fund our cities, our emergency and safety-net services, and the world where all our communities can
thrive. However, instead these resources are lining the pockets of millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations. That’s why we support fair, equitable taxes — for budgets that ensure our children will inherit quality public education and public goods, no matter what they look like or where they come from. Ultimately, we urge you to support California’s Proposition 15, which will reclaim $12 billion per year for schools and local community services from the wealthiest corporations.

Won with 77.6% Yes 22.4% No