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Measure G – Strengthen Planning Commission & Police Auditing

City of San Jose

San Jose has been the site of some of the most egregious abuses by police–from the outright brutalizing of protestors, to the discovery of a racist Facebook group hosted by current officers, to a mayor saying that in light of this he wants to give more funding to policing, not less.

Measure G would give broader powers to the Independent Police Auditor to investigate all of the above and bring more accountability to the San Jose Police Department. The auditor would review shootings by police and “use of force incidents causing death or great bodily injury,” in addition to investigations by the Police Department itself against officers.

In addition, this measure adds more diverse voices onto the influential planning commission — which decides if, when, and how development happens in San Jose — by requiring that the City Council appoint one member from each Council District and one at-large member.

Finally, it allows the City Council to establish timelines for redistricting when Census results are late.

Won with 77.2% Yes 22.8% No