Final Election Results: Oakland Voters Affirm Commitment to Equitable Democracy and Reimagining Public Safety Oakland Rising Action Celebrates Victories for Working-class, Immigrant, Black and Brown Oaklanders

December 09, 2022
Oakland Rising Action’s Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 29, 2022 CONTACT:  liz suk, Executive Director, Oakland Rising A…

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No Position

Measure M – Change City Treasurer from Elected to Appointed

Won with 56.58%
Though direct elections are usually best, city treasurers need specific skills that Pleasant Hill leaders think would be better found by appointing th…

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Vote Yes

Measure I – Levy Bonds to Support Pleasanton Schools

Won with 57.20%
Admittedly, bonds are a regressive way to raise funds that saddle the public with debt and bring Wall Street into managing our democracy, and we would…

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