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Measure RR – Remove $1000 Limit on Fines for Code Violations


To fight illegal dumping, the city can currently only levy a $1,000 dollar fine — an amount put in place in 1968. This measure would allow the city council to raise fine limits for specific municipal code violations, like dumping, to over $1,000, and put more tools in the toolbox to stop dumping in our neighborhoods.

The Council would have to set a new cap after a public hearing.

Any ordinances that have specific fine limits would still be in force. For example, if a law says that the first violation is $250 and subsequent violations are no more than $500, that would still be the limit regardless of what the overall cap is in the law.

The purpose of RR is to give the city an effective tool to enforce our code — especially against egregious offenders. For example, repeat illegal dumpers or businesses who repeatedly ignore the municipal code requirements could be subject to larger fines, which we hope will deter the problematic behavior. Currently, businesses often just pay the fines as the cost of doing business because the fines are so modest.

Won with 58.3% Yes 41.7% No