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VanCedric Williams

#2 Choice: OUSD School Board District 3

VanCedric has a long history of teaching and organizing in the Bay Area and is committed to budget transparency and racial justice in Oakland schools. He plans to re-establish trust between parents, teachers and OUSD, strengthen literacy standards, incorporate ethnic studies into K-12 and build budget accountability mechanisms into the district’s budget process. 

It’s true that VanCedric has less experience with Oakland schools than San Francisco’s. But VanCedric’s record shows that he is a leader who knows how to get things done. He has been an active member of unions and advocacy groups including United Educators of San Francisco (UESF), California Federation of Certificated and Classified Teachers (CFT) and the CFT’s Diversity Leadership Committee and Racial Justice Taskforce. If Cherisse and VanCedric win, we could have a progressive majority on the School Board.

Cherisse and VanCedric’s main opponent, Maiya Edgerly, has money coming in from the charters. We need leaders who are committed to the public school system, not corporate privatization.

Won with 61.1% Yes 38.9% No