Vote Yes

Treva Reid

Oakland City Council District 7

Treva is a single Black mom and has a firm commitment to the East Oakland community. We hope to see her grow into a champion of systemic change for racial and environmental justice. Treva has government experience and is an advocate for ending gun violence, investing in affordable housing and creating good jobs.

As a former Oakland Rising’s Value Based Leadership Program participant, Treva is set to create a relationship with residents and community organizations that differs from the antagonistic ones held by her father, who has held the seat for the last 23 years. Together, we hope we can rebuild the table where power resides by bringing a collective voice of those most marginalized in politics by engaging and organizing the residents of District 7.

We are concerned about Treva’s recent role as a senior public affairs and government relations representative for PG&E for the past five years during the wildfires and her stance towards development (she’s for it). At Bay Rising Action we know that we can’t develop our way out of the housing crisis.

But Treva’s values of equity and inclusion are there. Once elected, let’s hold her accountable to ensure that she continues to make decisions with the community benefit in mind.

Won with 60.1% Yes 39.9% No