Vote Yes

Richard Santos Raya

Oakland City Council District 5

Richard is a real values-driven leader. Bringing a fresh perspective, he partners with the community to create systemic solutions to Oakland’s challenges. We are excited to see his innovative vision for the city, which includes a commitment to:

  • Participatory budgeting so the people get a say in the city budget.
  • The Black New Deal to reinvigorate the local economy while promoting racial justice.
  • Defunding police and reinvesting in community, education and job-training services.
  • Empowering Oakland teachers through just wages and investing in public schools.
  • Developing a cultural corridor to highlight Oakland’s vibrant cultural history.

Richard has a track record of working with local community organizations dedicated to improving the lives of working families such as Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ), the Sunrise Movement, and Centro Legal de la Raza.

Meanwhile, Richard’s opponent and current seat holder, Noel Gallo, has proven himself to be weak when it comes to responding to making systemic changes.  Gallo is full of contradictions — he often sides with renter protections but has referred to unhoused residents in his district as being filthy and drug users. He doesn’t see the connection between shifting city resources away from policing and toward increased services and programs in his district.

We need a councilmember who will stay true to the progressive values of this city. Vote for Richard.

Lost with 31% Yes 69% No

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