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Laura Nakamura

Concord City Council District 5

Laura Nakamura is a deeply faithful and respected member of her community. She has worked in areas of service her entire life, whether through her volunteering for local nonprofits, her devotion to her faith, or her career as a medical professional serving the most vulnerable in our community through the pandemic. At every step of the way, she has put people and the community first. These qualities are what made our decision at Bay Rising Action an easy one when it came to endorsing her candidacy. With her proven compassion and leadership, it’s clear that Laura will represent all Concord residents, not just those in District 5. Laura is a battleground-tested leader. She will advocate for tenant protection for those hardest hit by the pandemic. Laura will also ensure that development happening in our communities will happen fairly and equitably, and will empower community members to have a more active and participatory role in local government.