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Honey Mahogany

San Francisco Board of Supervisors District 6

Bay Rising Action is excited to endorse Honey Mahogany for District 6 Supervisor. Given the changes to District 6 from this year’s redistricting process and the fact that it is home to some of our most marginalized communities including unhoused residents, seniors, tenants, and low-income families, it will be critical to have a supervisor who will be unwavering in meeting the demands of District 6 residents.

District 6 bears the brunt of housing development. The district is home to the SOMA Pilipinas Filipino Cultural District, the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District, and part of the Transgender District. Whoever represents District 6 must understand the cultural and economic context of this district, as well as the importance of bringing bold, progressive ideals to City Hall in order to protect these communities.

Honey is a former social worker and community advocate who understands that we need community-based approaches to solving our cities’ problems. Honey also co-created the Transgender Cultural District – the nation’s first – and as a Black transgender person and immigrant, we believe she represents San Francisco in a way that captures our city’s diversity.

Honey also endorsed a no vote on the recall of former District Attorney Chesa Boudin, showing her deeper understanding of the disproportionate impacts of harsh policing and incarceration on our city’s BIPOC and working-class residents.

We look forward to working with Honey to prevent further displacement of working families and seniors from District 6.

Lost with No 56.27% Yes 43.73%

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