Vote No

California Special Election

California Governor

The governor recall ballot in your mail is a choice between two Californias. Join Bay Rising Action in voting NO by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 14.

We can choose a stronger California — where we build on the progress we’ve made — or we can let Trump’s friends and the corporate power-grabbers divide and destroy our communities.

Voters are being asked to decide two things:

  • Question 1: If they want to recall the current governor, Gavin Newsom. Mark NO!
  • Question 2: If Newsom is recalled, who should replace him?

If Question 1 passes, we lose decades of progress on policing, help for renters, paid family leave, and more. And if it passes, whoever gets the most votes in Question 2 becomes governor, even if only a tiny percentage of Californians voted for that person. That’s why we’ve GOT to vote NO on the recall by September 14.

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