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詹妮弗·埃斯汀 (Jennifer Esteen)


Jennifer Esteen is a former nurse, longtime union leader, and advocate who comes from grassroots organizing. She’s also a queer Black Jewish mom: electing Esteen would make her the first openly gay Black assemblymember to ever hold this position. Her platform shows she has deep values that align with the needs of residents of Assembly District 20, and she has committed to work closely with those everyday residents and grassroots organizations representing working-class communities of color. She has incredible energy and motivation to make change for the Bay Area at the state level, and the strategy to match. Learn more about our early support of Jenn Esteen here. The people of Assembly District 20 are lucky to have two accomplished, progressive women of color running to represent us and challenge the moderate Democrat establishment. Electing either of them would make the winner the first woman since 1998 to hold this position. We are dual endorsing Liz Ortega and Jennifer Esteen because we believe they are both strong candidates who will stand up for working class people of color in Assembly District 20.

落敗的投票結果 22.1% 贊成 77.9% 其他候選人