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Measure P – Shorten Mayoral Term to One Year

Redwood City

Redwood City has a rotating mayor system, and this measure, agreed to by all city council members, would ensure that leadership is distributed by changing the mayoral term from two years to one.

Lost with Yes 36.44% No 63.56%

Roderick Daus-Magbual

Daly City Council
Dr. Daus-Magbual is running for re-election as Mayor of Daly City as an educator and community leader. His focus on youth opportunities, pandemic reco…

Manufou Liaiga-Anoa’i

Daly City Council
Manufou is a celebrated leader in the Samoan community, a vigorous fighter for education equity on the school board, and has led efforts to keep Head…

Ray Buenaventura

Daly City Council
Ray currently sits on the council, and as a strong advocate for true public health and public safety, has been a leading voice on protecting firefight…