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Measure F – Enact Term Limits for City Council


This measure would enact term limits for city council, and is supported by the entire city council with no opposition. While term limits can sometime be used as a way to interrupt power for working-class communities of color, these term limits are well-supported by the community and provide an opportunity for new leadership on city council.

Won with 78.68%

Cindy Chavez

San José Mayor
Cindy Chavez is a longtime labor and community ally with a history of partnering with grassroots organizations that represent working families and has…

Peter Ortiz

San José City Council District 5
Peter Ortiz is a lifelong San Jose resident and has dedicated his life to uplifting the people of East San Jose as an educator, business mentor, and e…

Aisha Wahab

California State Senate District 10
Aisha Wahab is a dynamic leader, and we need her in the State Senate. She’s used her time on Hayward City Council as a fierce advocate for worki…

Measure T – Raise Funds for Schools Through Bond

Campbell Union School District
Admittedly, bonds are a regressive way to raise funds that saddle the public with debt and bring Wall Street into managing our democracy, and we would…