Vote Yes

支持 B 提案爭取公平選舉和公正的民主


Democracy works best when it reflects all our voices — no matter who we are, what we look like, or what’s in our wallet. San José has the opportunity to build a more vibrant, accessible democracy by voting YES on Measure B this upcoming June election. This common sense reform will increase voter turnout by up to 30%. 

Voting YES on Measure B will move San Jose’s mayoral elections to presidential years, increasing voter turnout dramatically and positioning San Jose as a leader in voting rights. This change would give a greater voice to those often left out of our city’s politics and ensure our government is by the people, for the people.

By moving the mayoral race to a time when more people cast a ballot — especially young voters, women, and people of color — Measure B will ensure our elected leaders are responsive to all the people of San José, no matter our zipcode, race, or income. 

獲勝的投票結果 55.48% 贊成 44.52% 反對