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Shanelle Scales-Preston

Pittsburg City Council

Shanelle Scales-Preston was raised in Pittsburg in a working-class family with parents who worked long hours, and made big sacrifices, to make ends meet. Shanelle learned the importance of hard work and community service from her parents. That is why she has dedicated her whole life to public service and giving back to the Pittsburg community. Along with serving as the Vice Mayor of Pittsburg, Shanelle is active in her church and volunteers with our local Gateway Rotary Club for their Pittsburg Reads initiative.

Shanelle’s main priorities for her next term in office are:

  • continuing to create more opportunities for Pittsburg’s youth by investing in youth programs like the Youth Commission and providing more educational assistance to students in need
  • investing in public transportation and maintaining roads
  • tackling the housing crisis by being intentional in building affordable housing and continuing to provide direct support to our unhoused neighbors
  • supporting small businesses as Pittsburg continues to recover from COVID-19 to ensure there are well-paying jobs in our communities
  • constantly improving how our local government works by creating a balanced budget and streamlining internal communications and outreach to the community
Won with 26.82%

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