Vote Yes

Jamin Pursell

Richmond City Council District 4

Bay Rising Action is enthusiastically endorsing Jamin Pursell for the Richmond City Council, District 4 seat. Jamin’s vision for Richmond clearly translates to how he’s running his campaign. Jamin has knocked on thousands of doors in District 4 to hear directly from the people he will serve on the Council. He’s also refused all corporate contributions to ensure he is accountable to his constituents, not corporations and wealthy donors. His priorities include the following:

  • creating and investing in citywide programs that address crime, like more mental health services and job programs, so Richmond does not need to rely so heavily on the police force
  • establishing a City Grants Department staffed with dedicated grant writers to help access state and federal climate resilience funds
  • implementing a balanced budget that will fully fund a robust, ready-for-anything fire department;
    using funds from Measure U’s progressive business tax to cover firefighter training and certification costs, and rehire crucial Public Works positions
  • upholding the Richmond Hills Initiative that will keep the hills free from development and zoned as open spaces or for agricultural use
  • rezoning abandoned commercial and industrial zones to allow mixed-use development, especially around the Hilltop area
  • supporting RichmondBUILD and YouthWORKS, programs that will provide the city with a strong workforce proficiently trained for well-paying trades

Jamin has a clear vision for a more sustainable, equitable, and liveable Richmond that centers people and not profit.