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George Syrop

Hayward City Council

Community organizer George Syrop is running for Hayward City Council because our neighbors are being evicted, local businesses are shuttering, and our housing supply is being bought up by Wall Street until we’re forced to leave. Hayward people deserve to know that the solutions our city desperately needs are out there struggling to be heard, and we deserve people in office who are willing to fight for them. His top five priorities in office will be:

  • Lowering rent/ending homelessness
  • Developing care-first approaches to public safety (re-investing in community services)
  • Developing a vibrant local economy by supporting small businesses, participating in a public bank, and creating support systems for worker-cooperatives
  • Safer, cleaner streets for pedestrians and cyclists with improved public transportation
    Developing more resident-lead committees throughout city affairs to democratize power locally

Hayward deserves a city councilmember who will fight for them and understands the community input is imperative to a thriving city. As a councilmember George Syrop will bring his community organizing experience to local government and continue to engage the people of Hayward in building safer, more sustainable, and more equitable communities

Won with 16.32%

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