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Cameron Sasai

Pinole City Council

Cameron Sasai is running for office in Pinole because there is a gap in leadership that needs to be filled. Cameron decided to run for Pinole City Council during the pandemic when city councilmembers were unwilling to take any action on racial injustice that affected Black and Brown families in Pinole. During this time, he felt the effects of anti-Asian crimes alongside his family and community. Cameron pushed the Pinole City Council to establish a system for community-led police accountability, hate crime reporting and prevention, and other initiatives for racial equity and equal protection. He has seen firsthand how solutions that would benefit the people of Pinole can get sidelined by ineffective leaders. Cameron is committed to enacting real policy that will benefit the city of Pinole, the people, and the planet.

As a Pinole City Councilmember, Cameron will be committed to dissolving the Pinole Police Department’s biased Internal Affairs Unit and establishing a community-led Police Oversight Commission with the authority to investigate and act on claims of police misconduct. He supports protecting renters from displacement, landlord harassment, and unfair rent increases and evictions by adopting an inclusionary housing ordinance that requires residential developers to provide a significant percentage of on-site housing to low-income renters. He’s also committed to securing funding to build climate-friendly, truly affordable housing. Bay Rising Action is proud to endorse Cameron Sasai for City council. We look forward to working closely with him and other community organizations to build a more sustainable and people-centered Pinole.