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愛麗絲·卡斯特羅 (Alysse Castro)


Alysse Castro believes that our schools are community centers where we should support whole families as well as students to fulfill their full potential. With experience in the classroom as a teacher to management experience to training experience, she understands at multiple levels how the public school system works. She has verbally committed to ending the privatization and closing of public schools that have most deeply impacted schools with majority Black and Brown students.

Here’s what she wrote in response to our endorsement questionnaire: “The County Superintendent holds a powerful lever to tilt public schools towards quality, equality, and justice – yet few people have even heard of this tool. Our kids – especially those furthest from opportunity – need us to use every tool to break the school-to-prison pipeline, embed systems of care in schools, and guarantee an excellent teacher and an excellent school for every kid in every community. For 25 years, I have served as a successful teacher, principal, and now the Executive Director of County Schools making schools that break the school-to-prison pipeline and change lives for kids furthest from opportunity.”

獲勝的投票結果 53.1% 贊成 46.8% 反對